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Coal to Diamonds

These verses are dedicated to my family: Phyllis, Dan, Jeff, Tim, Dee, Margaret, Jane, Rick, Kerry, Lori, Kyle, Katy, Kallie, Irene, Ray, Grady, Bessie, Bess, Red, L.G., Elaine, Stan, Deaun, Delbert, L.C., Mildred, Carter, Cynthia, Ken, Jeannie, Jack, Ileta, Nancy, Frank, Mary Jean, Ladell, C.W., Connie, Gary, Carolyn, Gladys, Dr. Carter, Ray, Edith, Kenneth, Jim, Ruby, Randy, Jan, Frank, Larissa, Ashley, Wilfred, Jerry, Junior, Trixie, Baby, Buttermilk, Christmas, Sam, Munch, and others I don’t mean to forget. You all are a little bit responsible for these verses. See how your examples can come back to haunt you. 

I hope you will read some of these verses.
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