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Poems with a Point
In 25 words more or less.


This book is dedicated to YOU.

Thanks for picking up the book. After boiling down 70+ years of life I have either gotten down to the distilled nectar of life or the scum at the bottom of the pot. Frankly, any particular day can go either way, but this is what i want to tell you. Live in the now moment of your life. Touch it, twist it, clarify it, gripe about it, enjoy it, but above all be conscious of it. If you live in the past, you live in regret which you cannot do anything about. If you live in the future, you live in a hope which you can't do anything about either, and you are missing now. So live now. Make the most of it because now is where your pot is boiling and where you can turn the heat up or down as necessary. This is where you can affect you life. Do it. Enjoy. Read a few of these verses. They are short and to the point. Plain English. Talk to me.

Copyright James Wilson 2009
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