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No Respect for Icebergs

I have been born
To an all expense shared
Life for one
On any path I choose to travel.

So I buy a ticket, board a ship
Leave the dock, and demand
My selfish purposes be fulfilled.
Full speed ahead.

Then I look down over the side of the boat
And I see--I’m on the Titanic.
But my life’s real problem is--
I have no respect for icebergs.

Life’s tiny little ice cube surface problems
That I decide to egotistically run over
And unkindly crush--oblivious of the devastating.
Icy-life-pain complications just below the surface.

And even when I survive a wreck,
I choose to paddle my lifeboat with a teaspoon,
Stroking continuously on only one side
And complaining of the dull repetitious scenery.

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